Modifications Website

OVERVIEW – WebSite Update
15 January 2022.
This Website should be considered as an extension for our Facebook Groupe – Corvette Registre France – and is a resource for Corvette Owners that live in France. A goal for this year is to publish a Virtual Photo Album – Corvettes de France, perhaps similar in style to Gerard Taes’ book “Chevrolet Corvette“, with an option to have it Printed.

…. One goal is to Publish a Virtual Photo Book – ” Corvette de France ” – Perhaps similar in content of Gerard Taes’ book – Chevrolet Corvette.

FYI – as our Groupe continues to grow, it became apparent that our initial Website design lacked the capabilities to achieve several intended purposes and therefore necessitated the migration to another Web Hosting Platform – W2Hosting does have the Resources and Tools to assist accomplish our goals. Yes, there is a ways to go – But now there is a friendly light at the end of the tunnel!

15 January 2022 – Now YOU can Submit Photos and Text Related to YOUR Corvette

One of the new features implemented on the Website is YOUR ability to Submit YOUR own Images (Photos) along with text information, related to YOUR Corvette.
However, submitting images presents a minor problem – When you submit YOUR Photos, it is Necessary to have Your Photos conform to our Naming FILE Format, as we now store images in a Photo database, to make it easier to catalog and index the photos, which then can be shared among others in the Groupe – Corvette Registry France ( and also shared on Facebook.

For YOU to input your Photos and Text Information, you will notice on the Website Navigation Menu — (TAB – Informations Actuelles). Located on that Page you will also find a text Block Demande d’Action that requires YOU to provide a response for the Action you want performed. There are four (4) choices:
1 – Rejoignez Corvette Registre France (Join the Groupe)
2 – Soumettre des modifications aux informations de Corvette Registre France (modify existing Website information)
3 – Soumettre des photos supplémentaires sur le Website (submit additional Photos)
4 – Commentaires et suggestions pour améliorer le Website (leave a comment, suggestion or ask a question)

After you select one (1) of the four (4) Actions, you will then be guided through the Selected Steps – when completed — Press the SUBMIT/ENVOYER button.

NOTE: Examples have been provided that follow the text Block Demande d’Action to assist you locate three (3) required Identifications necessary for you to navigate between the Facebook Group – Corvette Registre France and this companion Website –

1 – Your Facebook Name — Your name as it is displayed on Your Facebook Page (or if you are not on Facebook do use your actual name), such as:
Vel Palassiss

2 – Your Facebook HTTPS Address — Your HTTPS Address is also found on your Facebook Page displayed in the FB Search Bar. You will only have to know the last part of this address that appears AFTER ….. displayed similar to one of the following examples (be sure to include the / ):
/vel.palassis ” or
” /vaughn.michael.1612 “ or

3 – Your #Hashtag — (This is YOUR Corvette’s Website Identification and can be found on under the TAB Corvette en France / trouver un membre du Registre Corvette). An example of a #Hashtag – #vel196206
As noted, the Hashtage ID consists of four (4) elements:
1. #
2. Only Your FB First Name (in small letters)
3. The year of your Vette
4. Your French Department Number
#michael199206 (# – your first name – corvette year – department number)

NOTE: If you have multiple Corvettes you must perform a Demande d’Action for each Corvettes you want listed on the Website. DO NOT submit mixed Vette photos together.

If you are submitting Photos, it is important for YOU to FIRST change each of your Photo File Image Names – PRIOR to attaching them when requested to do so.

File Naming format for Your submitted Images (Photos) – the name format has five (5) unique elements:
1. – Your Facebook Name as display on FB, if you are on Facebook or if not on Facebook, your given name (ex. Vel Palassis)
2. – Year and model of your Corvette (ex. 1962 C1 327ci)
3. – Name of your city (ex. Vence)
4. – Your Zip Code (ex. 06570)
5. – Unique number for each submitted photo (you can assign a sequential number manually or if using File Explorer the APP will assign a unique (xx) number (ex. 01 or 73 or 250 or (01) – whatever)

IMPORTANT – Note that each File Name Element must be separated by a comma

Examples of Image (Photo) File Names:
Michael Vaughn,1992,C4 ZR1,Nice,06000,11
Michael Vaughn,1992,C4 ZR1,Nice,06000,12
Vel Palassis,1962,C1 327,Vence,06570,250
Vel Palassis,1962,C1 327,Vence,06570,260
Instructions for changing File Names (Refer to the examples at the end of the Block Demande d’Action)

Example of Photo Page

You Could Have a Similar Page – Join the Groupe (the final format is not finalized)

3 January 2022 – HOW Corvette Registre France utilizes Google Maps ….

Corvette Registre France Website generates Google Maps to identify and display a Google Pin for three (3) Corvette Categories:
1. Names of Corvette Owners in France
2. Locations of Corvettes by Generations
3. Location of Corvettes within French Regions

Each Selected Google Pin displays the following information:
1. Facebook Name
2. Corvette Year & Model
3. City
4. Zip Code
5. Region
6. Department
7. Generation
8. Year
9. WebSite HTTP Link – Indicating YOUR Vettes #Hashtag (ID)

Example 1 – another way to find a #hashtag. Go to TAB
The names displayed are listed in Alphabetical Sequence and the #Hashtag appears and the end of #vel196206 (<–the #hashtag)
or to see where the Corvette is located
Press one of the three buttons at the Top of the Page —- Corvettes en France — (Nom) Google Pin Drops….