Groupe: Corvette Sud de France

Rencontrez les Corvettes dans nos région ….

Region 01

Ce groupe est spécifique pour ceux d’entre vous qui conduisent et apprécient la seule vraie voiture de sport d’Amérique – la Corvette, et “résident” dans la région de la Côte d’Azur.

✔️ (Our Group is specific for those that drive and are passionate about America’s only true Sports car – the Corvette, and “RESIDE” within the Provence Alps Côte d’Azur Region.)

Si vous êtes dans cette région, ce serait formidable d’avoir de vos nouvelles et de nous faire partager quelques photos de votre Vette. De plus, si vous avez des informations sur ‘un futur événement , vous pouvez soit envoyer par l’onglet “inscription- et-commentaires “ou envoyer par courriel le nom de l’événement, la description, les dates, l’organisation faisant la promotion de l’événement ainsi que les photos et je mettrai à jour le site Web … .

✔️ (If you’re within this Region, it would be great to hear back from you and to have you share some photos of your Vette. Additionally, if you have informations for an upcoming event, you can either send by the Tab “inscription-et-commentaires or email the name of the event, Description, Dates, name of the organization promoting the Event along with Photos and I will update the website …

Corvette Sud de France

Photos & Articles

Vaughn Michael – 1992 C4 .. Nice – “the Black Prince”
Vaughn & Nathalie – 1992 C4

Vel Palassis – 1962 Corvette .. Vence
Vel & Dina – 1962 C1

1962 C1, Purchased in Middletown, Ohio in 2017 and for 8 months was in a renovation garage in Cincinnati OH. I imported my C1 in France and through FFVE changed to French license plates and have participated in many rallies and events around Nice region.

Preparations prior to Shipping my C1 from the USA to France

Rénovation pendant 7 mois dans ce garage à Cincinnati Ohio, avant le départ pour la France.

Lionel Bousquet – 1988 .. 35th Anniversary Corvette
Lionel’s 1988 Corvette

Jean-Jerôme B. – 1957 & 1962 C1 .. Nice

Michel Senina – C7 Corvette
Michel – C7

Jason Heap – 1980 C3
1980 – C3

The Black Bandit — 1980 C3 from Florida / Palm Beach with a upgrade 454 almost 600 WHP and a manual transmission 6 speeds gearbox Tremec Magnum Sport

Gil Duclos – 2016 C7 .. Stingray
2016 – C7

Thierry Tropres – 1973 C3 .. Stingray
1973 – C3

Marc Petit – 1989 C4 .. L98 convertible
1989 – C4

Gilbert Bialobos – 1979 C3 .. Stingray
The Blue Moon

Tony Joubert – 2005 C6 .. Antibes
2005 – C6

Dennis Frederiksen – 1962 C1 .. Monaco
1962 C1

Alain Schmith – 1994 C4 .. Montpellier – Region (03)

Frédéric Roux – 1980 C3 .. Duntov Turbo

1980 Duntov Turbo Corvette – Built by Robert Schuller owner of American Custom Industries (Ohio) with the collaboration of Zora Arkus-Duntov

Ange Demon – 2009 C6 .. Z06
Marc C6

Thierry Bouche – 1978 C3 .. Indy Pace Car

Indy Pace Car – Restored to original specifications and details.

Thierry C3

Christophe Freani – 1976 C3 .. L82
1976 L82

Hugues Asfazadourian – 1963 C2, 1973 C3 & 2004 C5 .. Nice
1973 C3

Craig Sowers – 2007 C6 Z06 .. Cannes
2007 C6

Phil Dunn – 1966 C2 .. Cannes – “Big Block 427/425”
1966 C2

Claude Beliart – 2017 C7, 2013 C6 Anniversary 427 .. Marsaille

2013 C6 427 cabriolet 60 th Anniversary Cabriolet.

2016 C7 ….. J’ai eu une C4 cabriolet, une C5

Alain Abel – 1989 C4 .. Brignoles (01)
1989 C4

Patrice Barbe – 2016 C7
2016 C7

Christian Moutte – 1990 C4
1990 C4

Christophe L’Indus – 2008 C6

Vittorio Vassallo – 1979 C3 .. Pace Car 10

Walter Rucli – 1973 C3

Jonathan Faroy – 1974 C3 .. Nice
1974 C3

Maxime Tremillon -1985 C4
1985 C4

Mark Dangelo -1985 C4
.. Villeneuve sur lot
1985 C4

Jake Vette – 2005 C6 .. Signes (01)
2005 C6

Mala Quit – 1970 C3 … Istres (01)

Francois Gref – 2017 C7 .. Saint Raphael – Region (01)

Articles Régionaux (01)

The Black Prince

Featured in Corvette Enthusiast Magazine

Back in 2009, Andy Boling from the magazine Automotive Enthusiast, got wind of my restoration by the folks at J&M and asked if I would be interested in have an article written about the recent restoration. The rest is history, and the shoot was done at Centennial Park, Fort Myers, Florida. Note the link to the article below the photos …

Black Prince’s Frame-off Restoration

The Restoration work for my 1992 C4 was done by J&M Enterprizes, Brooksville, Florida that specializes in complete Corvette restoration and custom restomods. A family owned and operated business, they pride themselves on personal service and have a reputation for quality workmanship. From light body work to complete frame-off restoration, J&M Enterprizes has the experience to help transform your special car into the car of your dreams. Tell Tim Ames that The Duck had recommended you to them!

In addition to a complete frame-off restoration, the stock LT1 engine was treated to a Lingenfelter Performance Engineering’s (LPE) 383ci. upgrade. The 350 motor was stroked to 383ci and other modifications included a Callies 4340 3.75-inch forged steel crankshaft, and JE 10.8:1 forged aluminum pistons. The heads were ported and polished with stainless steel 2-inch intake and 1.56-inch exhaust valves, operated by an LPE-spec camshaft and 1.6:1rocker arms. Additionally, LPE included a pair of ceramic-coated headers, a heavy-duty radiator, and all new hoses and belts.

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