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This Web-site – “” was created as a companion resource to our Facebook Group (Corvette Registre France) “”.
The Purpose of this Page is to provide YOU with the ability to – (1) Place YOUR Corvette on this Website with Photos and text related to YOUR Corvette – if you LIVE in France, (2) make modifications to YOUR Corvette information if it is already on this Website (3) Submit additional Photos to YOUR Vette’s Photo Gallery and (4) send comments and questions.

If you live in France and own a Corvette and are NOT a member of Corvette Registre France, you are invited to join the Group and share Photos and information about your Corvette with other Corvette Enthusiasts passionate about this unique American sports car. And, your Friends that LIVE in France and also OWN Corvettes, please consider inviting them to join our Groupe too. Thank you!

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