Je n’ai pas décidé de la mise en page finale de la page photo ….

To create YOUR Corvette Registre France Photo, use the form Demande d’Action (TAB – Informations Actuelles) – you are guided through the Necessary Steps to create your own Corvette Photos and associated Text (as shown above for Anthony Camborde).

You will be prompted to enter :
1. Your Facebook Page Name – Anthony Camborde (if you are not on Facebook or have not as yet joined our Private Groupe – Corvette Registre France, we would recommend first doing so, or if not on Facebook your first and last name)
Next, enter information related to our Vette –
2. Year (1976)
3. Model (C3 Coupe) — uniquement votre ID de génération (C3) utilisé pour le nom de fichier image
4. Special Features (Modified ) –non utilisé pour le nom du fichier image
5. Your City (Haute Garonne)
6. Zip Code (31500)

After entering the above, Next you are asked to submit 1 – 10 photos of your Vette. It you have more than one Corvette you must do a Form Demande d’Action for each of them.

Important – before selecting and uploading your Photos onto this Website, YOU MUST Change the Image File Names for each photo to conform to the required naming format (this is a simple task to perform – refer to examples (TAB Informations Actuelles). Also important, be sure the Main Photo uses the sequential number – 000.

Image File Name Format:

Anthony Camborde,1976,C3,haute garonne,31500,00

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